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More family history

Last weekend my cousin Steve came over and we went out to dinner then hung out at my place. We talked at length about growing up and all of the good times we had. I told him about the blog I started on my family genealogy. That led to conversations about things we both knew about our family history.

I remembered that a few years back I had started doing some internet research on my mom’s side of the family. I was trying to trace it back to John Wesley Hardin if possible. He’s the outlaw who allegedly shot a man for snoring in his sleep. I haven’t quite traced it back that far yet. But I did find some interesting information in the process.

My mom had given me some old sermons that were written by my great-grandfather. She also gave me a booklet he had published titled, “A True Account of An Unlawful Assembly in Jail.” He was imprisoned for rallying fellow clergymen to protest against war. I’ll write about that in the Gypsy’s pages.

I also found some more history my dad had sent me on my dad’s side of the family. I went back and re-read it. I’ll put more in there on what I found. I’d still like to know more about that side of the family. All I know at this point is a lot of tragedy on that side.

Today is my nephew Scott’s wedding. Afterwards I may go to a graduation party. I’m hoping to get some more of the family history written before then.



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