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4th of July

The 4th was great this year.  We went downtown where they had closed off one of the main streets.  There were antique cars lining the street, vendors, food and lots of friendly people.  It seemed as if everyone knew everyone else.

During the whole evening I kept thinking “this is really small-town America.  This is the way the 4th should be celebrated!”  People were friendly, no rudeness.  Everyone said hi to each other… and stopped to have actual conversations.  We went into an old-fashioned drug store, where they sell all the things that make you nostalgic for the old “five and dime” stores.

After eating we went down to a park next to the river to watch the fireworks.  It was spectacular!  It was so beautiful seeing the fireworks going off and watching their reflection on the water.

In some ways I missed the celebrations of years gone by.  Typically I’d go to my sister’s for a BBQ and we’d set off our own fireworks.  Other times we’d go to a park and watch the public fireworks displays.  And while I’ll always cherish those times…and those memories… it’s a new time in my life.  And I wouldn’t have traded this 4th of July for anything.


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