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It’s all in your perspective

Last Friday we had a pretty rough rain.  I was helping at a prayer conference downtown and thought the rain had eased up enough by the time I was leaving.  I got on the highway and hadn’t gone very far when traffic slowed to a crawl.  At first I thought there was an accident, but then realized that the highway was beginning to flood.  So I got off at the first exit I could get to, which happened to be Alameda.   It was pretty flooded (as it always does when it rains heavily!), but I made it up to Broadway.  I thought that would be ok to take since it doesn’t usually have flooding issues.  Wrong!!  I only got a few blocks when my car just died.

I was in the middle lane, of course.  I immediately turned on my emergency signals.  It was dark, so it was hard to judge exactly how deep the water was until you actually got into it.  I had been trying to find a side street or parking lot to turn into, but even trying to get into one of those, the water would have been just as deep.  At any rate, I was stuck.  Cars were passing me on both sides and as they’d pass the car would rock like a boat.  Thankfully there were policemen not far ahead of me and they saw me break down.  They pulled up next to me and said they needed to push me out of the road because the water was rising too high, too fast.  By that point the water was over my tires and was beginning to seep into the car.

So they pushed me into a parking lot.  I called my insurance company.  Thankfully I have roadside assistance on my policy!  However, it was going to be a 2-3 hour wait for a tow truck.  I called my daughter to come pick me up when the water subsided.  The next morning a tow truck came and brought the car to my apartment.  They towed it to a shop on Monday.  Long story… but I ended up having to shell out $500 to get the car repaired (the cost of my deductible).  It bothered me having to pay that, but as I thought about it, I realized things really weren’t that bad.

In fact it could have turned out much worse.  I could have broken down on the highway, where I probably would have been hit by another car, or stuck there for much longer.  I could have been hit by cars that were trying to avoid me because the water was so deep but I wasn’t.  There were plenty of policemen on the street where I broke down who helped get me to a safe spot.  Once I got the car into the shop, they had trouble diagnosing something which turned out to be a computer chip that needed to be replaced.  But I didn’t have to pay for any of the towing on the car.  And once they figured out what was wrong, it only took a day for them to get the car fixed.

I could choose to look at this whole situation in a negative light… and admittedly that’s so easy to do sometimes.  But I choose to see the way that God was faithful in taking care of me.  Yes, it cost me a lot to get the car fixed… money that quite frankly I couldn’t afford.  But again I know that God will be faithful and provide.


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