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$787 Billion???? I’ve got a better plan!

I don’t get political very often.  But I was reading on a news forum today the responses to President Obama signing the new “stimulus package.”  There were lots of people complaining, and someone finally asked, “Do you have a better solution?  Yeah, I’ve got a much better solution!

Take all the money in this bill that’s going toward pork (which the Big O said he was going to control anyway!) and put it toward increasing border patrol. Read: create more jobs through increasing border patrol. Fewer illegals means more money to stimulate our economy.

Stop giving away so much of our hard-earned money to illegal immigrants. You know, by paying for their health care every time they take little Jose to the ER for his cold.

Stop hiring these illegals! I hear over and over again how they’re doing the jobs nobody else wants to do. Wrong! I have unemployed family members who would gladly take those jobs, but they always get passed over because it’s cheaper to hire an illegal.

Stop the wasteful cost of printing all the government forms (and everything else!) in Spanish. If you’re here in this country, learn to speak our language. We’d be expected to learn the language of any other country we’d immigrate to.

We could save a ton of money if we didn’t have to spend so much on protecting our legal citizens from the crimes committed by illegals. Remember the guy who killed the kid when he ran his vehicle into the ice cream shop? How much is spent on housing these illegals, even temporarily, in jails? How much is spent on trying to recover stolen identities, usually obtained by illegals?

I could go on and on. Yeah, I’ll get blasted by a lot of people for this post. But as the question was asked earlier, do you have a better solution?


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