Floyd Barnes Hardin

Floyd Barnes Hardin was born May 4, 1886 in Geneva, IL to Franklin Barnes and Minnie Bathsheba (Fuller) Hardin.  He died Jan 13, 1971 in Winnetka, IL.

Floyd was a fourth generation Methodist minster, and he replaced his father in the Kimberly, ID church when Franklin Barnes Hardin died in 1912. Floyd was ordained in 1908.

Floyd was married at least 3 times that I know of.  His first marriage was to a Gypsy named Golda Lune.  They had 2 children: Vivian and Oliver (April 27, 1912 – July 28, 2001).  Shortly after Oliver was born, Golda left with a band of gypsies, leaving Floyd to raise the 2 children.  Oliver was my grandfather.

Floyd married Rosemond Adeline Raynor (born Nov. 17, 1899) on Feb 28, 1917 in Winton, CA.  I’m unsure of how many children they had, but I believe one of their children was named Paul.  They also had a daughter named Anna Isabelle Hardin, (Sept 29, 1922 – Aug, 1937).

Later in life, Floyd married a woman named Evelyn, who was known to me as my great-grandmother.

Floyd’s twin sister, Flora, wrote a little bit on the family history.  You can read it here.

Floyd’s daughter, Vivian also wrote some information about Floyd, which you can read here.

Floyd had a very colorful history.  He was against the war and was part of a group called the Christian Pacifists of California.  He spoke out against the war from the pulpit, and was arrested and served time in jail.  While there, he wrote a booklet called “An Unlawful Assembly in Jail,” of which I have an original copy.  You can read it here.

Floyd also wrote extensively, and I have a sort of “poem” that he wrote.  You can read it here.  He had many books and magazine articles published.  Vivian’s letter gives information on some of his published works.


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