Baby’s Hands

This was a poem written by Floyd Hardin in Reedley, California.  I’m not sure of when he wrote it.

Darling dimpled baby, put your hands on daddy’s face;
You’re the sweetest little cherub in all the realms of space.
There is nothing more delightful than those precious little pats,
You’re an active little creature, as quick as jumping cats.
How your tiny little fingers love to pull your papa’s nose!
You’re a little mischief maker; but quite normal I suppose.

Take your fingers from my mouth, your father doesn’t like the taste!
You’re a most deceitful baby – a little double faced.
Don’t pull my ear like that, I say: you’re getting worse and worse;
You have got the devil in you, I can see that you’re perverse.
You’ve stuck your finger in my eye – it almost brings the tears;
You’re the meanest little weazel I’ve seen in forty years!

Those cruel finger nails of yours have wrought a bloody crime;
You’re the blackest little serpent that ever crawled in slime!
I’ll have to tan your hide for that – you hit me on the chin;
You’re a blasted little devil, that’s bred and born in sin!
Hell and brimstone! you have gone and torn my hair out by the roots;
You’re the damnedest little savage of all the bloody brutes!


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